Musi Triboatton is a new program and the pilot program of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to promote tourism in South Sumatra. This program is named after Musi River, the longest river in Sumatera and set along the wide Musi River that flows along the city of Palembang.

    Firstly held in 2012, this event combines sport and tourism and offer some attractions and activities such as adventure races like rafting, kayaking, and traditional boat. This activity will feature almost 500 km along the Musi River from upstream to downstream. By inviting participants from around the world who have a dual function, not only as athletes but also as a vehicle to promote the region when they return to their country, this event is expected to introduce Musi River to the world and to help increase the number of foreign tourist arrivals to South Sumatra.

    As a professional competition, the event also involves the Executive Board of Indonesia's Rowing Association (PB.PODSI) who manages the competition which is also aimed at improving the quality of rowing athletes so that in the future they can get a gold medal at the international rowing competitions such as in the SEA GAMES, ASIAN GAMES and OLYMPICS.

    And with the role of the media both print and electronic that inform to the public about the event will awaken young people to active in various sports.

    You can participate by call our representative in Jakarta on office hours, from Monday to Friday at 09.00 am to 16.00 pm. Phone/fax: +6221-5209487. Email us: musitriboatton2013@gmail.com

  • Etape and Route

    • 16 Nov 2013
      Team Arrival,

      Participant arrival, registration, hotel accomodation, and mobilisation to Sekayu (Opening Ceremony).

    • 17 Nov 2013
      Technical Meeting,

      Participant transfer from Sekayu to Empat lawang, Training and Technical meeting

    • 18 Nov 2013
      ETAPE 1,


      River boat and Kayaking

    • 19 Nov 2013
      ETAPE 2,


      Stage 2 Start at Tebing Tinggi, Finish the Stage 2 at Muara Kelingi: Cruising Mother Boat, River Boat and Inflatable canoe.

    • 20 Nov 2013
      ETAPE 3,


      Start the Stage 3 at Muara Kelingi, Finish the Stage 3 at Sekayu: 
      Cruising Mother Boat, Dragon Boat.


    • 21 Nov 2013
      ETAPE 4,


      Start the Stage 4 at Sekayu, Finish stage 4 at Pangumbuh: Cruising Mother Boat, River Boat, Kayaking, Dragon Boat.

    • 22 Nov 2013
      ETAPE 5,


      Start Stage 5 at Pangumbuh, Finish Stage 5 at Palembang: 
      Cruising Mother Boat, River Boat, Kayaking, and Closing Ceremony.

19 Apr 2014

Musi Triboatton Bulletin

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Participants Candidate

A. Internasional Participants Candidate Country :

10 Teams will participate in Musi Triboatton Event.
They will be competiting in such an adrenaline pumping sports like Rafting, Canoing,
and Traditional Boat Race. The Teams are: